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Preferred Services

Over the years Home Hunters has built relationships with a group of highly qualified Professionals and Tradesmen who provide the utmost in quality service and care in their respective fields. While we cannot guarantee their performance, we have used these companies and individuals ​many times in the past ​with consistently exceptional results. ​We highly recommend you contact them and find out if they are a good ​fit for you and your needs.

Type of Company




ACCOUNTANT Leaf & Cole Nicholas Gines 619.294.7200
APPLIANCE REPAIR Life-Long Appliance Repair Tom Long 619.724.9780
Beach Boys Appliance Service & Repair 858.480.1420
APPRAISERS CA Residential Appraisals Rob Willians 858.673.7600
ARCHITECT FL Hope Architecture & Planning Lee Hope 619.220.7115
ATTORNEY Olins & Zucconi John Zucconi 619.238.1601
BATHTUB REFINISH American Bathtub Refinishers 619.265.9200
CHIMNEYS/FIREPLACE Chimney’s-R-Us 888.454.4033
Weststar Chimney Sweeps Doug Howe 619.338.8116
CITY OF SD OFFICES City of San Diego Planning & Development Services 858.694.2960
CONTRACTORS American Pro-Coating Joseph Martinez 760.845.2999
ELECTRICIAN Zed Electric David Zedaker 619.224.2748
Point Loma Electricity Cosmin Tobos 619.940.8633
FOUNDATION & DRAINAGE RAD Construction Russ Burdeno 619.698.4621
Craftsman Foundations Larry Teves 619.295.1230
GENERAL CONTRACTOR American Pro-Coating Joseph Martinez 760.845.2999
HANDYMAN Glenn Millar 650.544.7257
HARDWOOD FLOORS Atlas Flooring Walter Kamfonik 619.299.9695
McKeon Hardwood Floors 619.561.7986
HOME INSPECTORS Real Estate Inspection Company Justin Copeland 800.232.5180
HOUSEKEEPERS Cleanology 619.281.2532
Gina 619.794.8348
HVAC ASI Hastings 619.350.3205
Mauzy Mechanical HVAC 619.583.9545
INSURANCE Marsh & McClennan Jacqui Turner 858.750.4431
Matt Kalla 619.223.1629
LANDSCAPE/GARDEN Jesus Canedo 760.672.9308
Hoa & An Vo 619.285.9358
Lucas Cruz 619.787.0224
LENDER JMJ Mortgage Felisa Schlosser 619.772.2206
Finance of America Tracy Trudeau 858.216.4385
LOCKSMITH Point Loma Locks Yodi Cheung 619.224.7907
Carlsbad Lock & Key 760.434.7600
Busy Bees 619.733.0172
MOVING COMPANY Coleman Moving 619.223.2255
Mahogany Run Delivery 858.578.6800
PAINTER American Pro Coating Joseph Martinez 888.419.9919
Stokey’s Painting Jaime Stokey 619.890.0706
PEST CONTROL Harbor Pest Control Mike Marrero 619.584.8155
Lloyd Pest Control 800.223.2847
PLUMBERS Vista Plumbing 760.758.2345
GK Plumbing 619.297.3911
Hanna Plumbing 760.726.2002
POOL SERVICE Payan Pool Service Javier Payan 619.449.1392
ROOFERS Logsdon Roofing Dana Logsdon 619.390.8177
STRUCTURAL ENG. SD Engineering Trent Burdeno 619.258.0416
TREE TRIMMERS One Tripp Tree Service 858.571.3710